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Storage & Specialist Cartons

An extensive range of storage carton sizes.


Storage Cartons

We have an extensive range of storage carton sizes in stock, specifically designed to meet your requirements. Manufactured in heavy duty double wall board our cartons are strong, long lasting and competitively priced.

Code Ref Size (mm)
CTNBB01 The Bitz Box 229x229x254
CTN6BM01 Medium 457x330x330
CTN10/ABM01 Short 450x450x250
CTN20BM01 Large 450x450x500
CTN30BM01 Tall 450x450x750
CTN36BM Long 750x450x250
CTN4B Xtra Large 600x600x600
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Specialist Cartons

We stock specialist cartons for every moving and storage application. Some instances call for specialist cartons, for example when moving or storing specialist items which need extra care or are not of typical dimension.

Code Ref Size (mm)
WCB1 Wardrobe 508x457x1220
WCB7 Short Wardrobe 508x457x1016
CTNPLA01 42" Plasma TV Box 1200x340x830
CTNBK01 Bike Box 1473x228x965
CTNGB1 Golf Box 330x254x1194
CTNDVD01 CD/DVD Box 584x152x152
CTNCB01 Computer 560x560x560
CTNPC01 Pet Box 457x255x315
FAL1 Standard File Away Archive Carton 385x310x245
FAL2 Large File Away Archive Carton 406x331x318
CTN6CD01 Bottle Pack 15 cells (use with medium box)
CTN6CD02 Glass Pack 30 cells (use with medium box)
MPS1/MPD2 Mirror/Picture 815x560x90
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