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Why just having fantastic self storage facilities isn't enough
Imagine the scenario... a customer had searched high and low for self-storage facilities for there personal or business belongings and finally found the ideal site. There is ample storage space available to meet there needs, the security is of a high standard and they are able to use the space immediately. They don't have to sign a long contract and they can access the storage room when needed on any day. Ah, but have you considered offering for sale self storage packaging materials to customers?
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Make the most of the self storage craze with Self Pak
Self storage has definitely become more and more relevant in people’s lives over recent years. After all, we just don't live and work like we used to. Whereas we may have once lived in the same place and were content with storing all of our essentials in our own homes or garages, today, even businesses can be pressed for space. Nor do we necessarily want certain items cluttering your own valuable space in basements, lofts or the workplace. It certainly helps to explain the ever-increasing popularity of self storage facilities and the self storage packaging material that can be offered when supplied by Simpson Packaging.
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Self storage packaging material for the widest range of needs
People may have once assumed the term 'self storage' to simply refer to storing certain items in our own homes and offices. Especially, given that space can be at a premium these days, and people can worry about the security of certain items if they are left in the home or business premises. That's why self storage facilities have become so popular in recent years. There are many such facilities around these days, and they're generally easy, convenient and affordable to use.
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Require self-storage packaging material? You'll find it with Self Pak
Self-storage facilities have become invaluable for a wide range of businesses and private individuals. Certainly, they are favoured by those who are in between house moves, renovating or just looking to free up space at home by putting items into store. To make the most of your facility, you will require the right self storage packaging materials that we stock here at Simpson Packaging.
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Transporting palletised goods over long distances? Don't forget that stretch wrap...
Here at Simpson Packaging, we're proud of our record of helping companies like your own to pack and transport goods so much quicker, safer and more cost-effectively. So many of our packaging materials help to do that, such as our cartons, adhesive tapes and strapping but there's also a certain polythene product that is invaluable to so many firms... stretch wrap.
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Choose our stretch wrap when you need to secure items to a pallet
Does your business involve the storage and transportation of large numbers of items on a pallet? If your sector of business is manufacturing, your answer is very likely to be "yes", and there can be few more cost-effective means of keeping your items secured to that pallet than stretch wrap, as we offer it in an abundance here at Simpson Packaging.
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The many benefits of humble stretch wrap
When your business involves the supply, storage or distribution of palletised items or products, there are so many packaging materials of the kind that Simpson Packaging offers that can reduce everyday stress, boost your productivity and ultimately, significantly enhance your profits. Stretch wrap however has to be the most cost effective and efficient product to use as there are very few applications where it couldn’t be used.
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Why edge protectors are a great touch for packages
Just think about the wide range of items that you may have been called upon to pack, store or transport over the years... from panels and mirrors to doors, furniture and other general products. Can you be absolutely sure that those items arrive at their destination in the best possible condition? Using edge protectors supplied by Simpson Packaging your product is more likely to arrive in the condition it left you in.
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Self Pak: ensuring the utmost security of your goods
We may be one of the UK's leading packaging suppliers here at Simpson Packaging (, offering everything from cartons and paper products to adhesive tapes and crates, but we've also long taken pride in what our wider group of companies can offer. Take the example of Self Pak, and its renowned security products.
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When you're in the removals industry, you need the right packaging
If you're involved in the removals industry, then you won't require anyone here at Simpson Packaging ( to tell you how to do your job. You might, though, need reliable packaging suppliers, and that is where we can certainly be of use.
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Simpson Packaging caters for your most specialised packaging requirements
When you initially glance at the range of packaging materials that are available on the Simpson Packaging ( website, we would hope that you fine our offering is comprehensive. We stock, in short, all of the forms of packaging that you could ever require for a wide range of Removals, Self Storage, industrial and retail requirements, including cartons, paper products, adhesive tapes, protective packaging and so much more.
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What you should know about customer service from Simpson Packaging
So far in our series of news articles here at Simpson Packaging (, we have highlighted a wide range of our sought-after packaging materials, from industrial strapping and removals boxes to polyphene products and everything that you could possibly need for self-storage. There is also another aspect to our company… the high standards of customer service that we offer and in which we take great pride.
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What makes crates and cases such ideal cardboard carton alternatives?
For those who are in the market for packaging materials and Self Storage supplies, there’s no question of the usefulness of cardboard cartons. They come in so many different stock sizes to suit an extremely wide range of needs, and nowhere can this be better appreciated than on the website of Simpson Packaging ( – the UK’s leading supplier of modular cartons.
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Is your firm making the most of the self storage revolution?
As a well-established, family owned group of companies, we place the emphasis firmly on a friendly, responsive and professional service, combined with competitively priced and innovative products – whether you come to us for packing paper, removals boxes, adhesive tapes or one of the many other products that we offer.
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Coversafe furniture protectors make a great investment for transport and storage
When the time comes to transport certain furniture from one place to another, it stands to reason that you should invest in suitable protective packaging, which is why we stock the likes of transit blankets and quilted moving pads here at Simpson Packaging ( However, one may also be tempted to ask… is there a more economical and longer lasting alternative?
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What could you do with cartons from Simpson Packaging?
Cartons have long played a key role in the wider range of packaging materials, being simple to use, practical and sturdy. You can use them to transport or store all manner of items big or small and light or heavy... and when you need to stock up on them, it’s difficult to look past the UK’s leading suppliers of modular and specialised cartons, Simpson Packaging (
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Invest in paper blankets from Dependable Packaging
Having first been established over 30 years ago, Dependable Packaging are now an integral group company specialising in the manufacture of paper based environmentally aware protective packaging, a major consideration these days in the age of widespread corporate responsibility. We also supply a vast range of general packaging materials together with the friendly, ‘family’ service that characterises the other companies in our group.
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Introducing the offerings of White Rose Packaging
Whatever you might normally associate the White Rose of Yorkshire with, packaging materials are probably not what immediately came to mind... until now. White Rose Packaging is one of a group of businesses within the established family-owned Simpson Packaging Group of Companies ( – having been established since 1995.
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Our Self Pak Padlock range
We all own things that need to be protected and, whether its documents of a sensitive nature, stock at work or our most prized personal possessions, you need a security measure that is robust and reliable. Padlocks have long been the trusted security option used.
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Self Pak caters to your retail self storage and removals needs
If you regularly read the Simpson Packaging ( blog or purchase our packaging materials, then you’ll know why so many customers keep coming back to us. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging materials that are innovative, competitively-priced and high quality.
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Give our well-priced and high quality polythene products a try
You will find no shortage of polythene products on sale right here at Simpson Packaging (
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Trust us to provide you with high quality furniture & floor protection
There is no better UK supplier of furniture & floor protection than Simpson Packaging ( We have supplied a wide range of industries for many years with high quality materials that are invaluable for the protection, efficiency of use and safe transit and storage of all manner of furniture items.
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Discover the packaging possibilities of adhesive tape
Sealing tape has long played a vital role in good packaging, for individuals and organisations that handle large numbers of packages each day as well as those that only despatch packaged goods very occasionally.
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Industrial Strapping
Whether you are strapping an item for delivery on a one-off basis or you instead run a business handling tens or even hundreds of packages every day, you shouldn’t need too much convincing about the value of strapping – something which we sell plenty of here at Simpson Packaging (
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What you should know about our paper products
Here at Simpson Packaging (, we may be renowned for the supply of all manner of packaging materials - from adhesive tapes to furniture and floor protection - but it is often our paper products to which our customers first turn.
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Engage with Simpson Packaging on social media!
What would you make of the chance to get closer to one of the UK’s leading suppliers of packaging materials? Would you like the opportunity to find out more about our highly-rated packaging services to industry as well as more specialist supplies to the Removals, Self Storage and Furniture Industries?
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Welcome to the blog of Simpson Packaging!
Welcome to Simpson Packaging online.
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