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A genuinely impressive range of warehouse and handling equipment
For all aspects of your warehouse operations, the most suitable warehouse and handling equipment is undoubtedly critical - and where better to source such equipment than the UK's leading packaging suppliers? All of the evidence that you'd ever need that we aren't just about packaging is clear to see in a product range encompassing packing room equipment, first aid kits, moisture controls, sack trucks and so much more.
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Postal packaging supplies come no more complete than ours
As strongly associated as our company is with self-storage packaging, we also know that many of you have large quantities of items to post on a regular basis, and therefore need packaging that will keep those items safe on their long journey through the great British and even international postal systems. Sure enough, you can't beat Simpson Packaging for high quality postal packaging supplies.
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Padlocks and other security products now available from Self Pak
We are always proud of our other group companies here at Simpson Packaging, particularly given that when taken together, they really do allow us to service the complete range of packaging requirements that could possibly arise in the removals, furniture and self-storage industries. One company that fulfils a vital role for many of our self-storage customers, for instance, is Self Pak.
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Some of our lesser-spotted items of protective packaging
For those in the self storage, furniture manufacturing and removals industries that find themselves short of some kind of protective packaging, it may seem that bubble wrap is automatically the best product to purchase for the job required - after all, there possibly isn't a more versatile form of packaging. However, there are also many other protective packaging products that are perfectly suited to more specialised needs - and they're all available here at Simpson Packaging.
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Never forget about our furniture and floor protection range
Although Simpson Packaging is hugely dependable in every product group of packaging materials that it offers, we can't deny the strong reputation that we have built up amongst those with a need for the very best furniture and floor protection.
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An overview of our well-regarded paper products range
Don't be fooled into thinking that because paper is such a seemingly basic material, it offers only limited use as packaging. In fact, paper's versatility lends itself to an impressively widely range of packaging products, from general purpose kraft paper, acid free tissue and waxed kraft paper to the crepe paper coils, news off-cuts and paper rolls offered by our sister company, Dependable Packaging.
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Adhesive tape comes in all possible forms at Simpson Packaging
Adhesive tape will always play an integral role in packaging, particularly in the manufacturing, distribution, furniture and removals and self-storage industries served by Simpson Packaging. It shouldn't be such a shock, then, that we offer a vast selection of tapes ranging from carton sealing tape, custom printed tapes and warning tapes to floor marking tapes, masking tape, perm/peel tape and so much more.
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Why Simpson Packaging is a champion when it comes to polythene products
Packaging supplies don't come more essential than polythene products, with such items as polythene bags, gripper bags, stretch film and pallet wrap, polythene furniture covers and Q-Lite pre-stretch film being crucial to the operations of so many firms in the removals, self-storage and furniture industries. Not to mention such a wide market within general manufacturing and industry.
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Introducing cartons from Simpson Packaging and White Rose Packaging
Whether you're in the self-storage or removals industry, or it's moving boxes or storage cartons that you are on the lookout for, you can have trust in our excellent packaging supply service here at Simpson Packaging. However, we aren't just talking about our family-oriented, responsive service, or even our competitive pricing - we're also referring to the comprehensiveness of our product range.
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Look to us for the complete range of strapping, strapping machines, tools and accessories
If there's just one category of packaging product where Simpson Packaging is especially formidable, it has to be strapping. Seemingly any and every type of strapping can be supplied from our well-stocked distribution facility, including polypropylene and polyester hand or machine strapping, woven polyester strapping as well as steel and stainless steel strapping, alongside all of the associated tools, dispensers and accessories.
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A good time to remind you about our Self Pak self storage products
On 1-2 October, the 2014 European Self Storage conference takes place in Stockholm. The two day conference will see members of self storage trade associations across the continent discuss the latest industry developments and meet suppliers. As you might expect, Simpson Packaging will certainly be in attendance, given our position as a leading supplier of self storage products.
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Our paper products extend far beyond standard packing paper
There may be no greater essential to the Removals & Self Storage industry than packing paper. It's understandable, therefore, that you will want to find a reliable provider of such packaging materials - a company that prides itself on a responsive, efficient and professional service as well as competitive pricing.
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Stretch wrap, shrink wrap and various associated products - all available from us
Shrink wrap and stretch wrap have long been invaluable packaging materials, the former for securing an item by shrinking the film tightly over a product or item when heat is applied, and the latter being highly stretchable for wrapping around items. They both have key roles to play in all manner of warehousing and distribution operations, and Simpson Packaging offers a simply industry-leading selection of pallet wrap and shrink wrap, alongside the associated heat shrink guns and shrink systems.
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Look to us for a complete range of postal products and labelling
Postal products and labelling have long been imperative for retail stores that need to efficiently and safely post all manner of items in great quantities. Certainly, if you are such a company, you will want to be able to depend on a packaging supplier that stocks many associated products, from Featherpost bubble lined mailing bags and Jiffy padded bags to document enclosed wallets and postal tubes.
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The protective packaging that has made us industry leaders
Protective packaging has long been so vital to the safe and efficient storage and transportation of all manner of items. Choose the right protective packaging, and your business can save a great amount of both time and money. That's why it's also so important to find a company - like Simpson Packaging - that can provide all of their essential packaging that is high quality and at the most competitive price.
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Get everything done so much quicker, with the right warehouse and handling equipment
Those in charge of a bustling warehouse know that having the appropriate quality packaging materials is only half the battle - to ensure the ultimate efficiency and safety of operations, there also needs to be investment in the most suitable warehouse and handling equipment for use by employees.
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You won't find a better range of specialist tapes than ours
Adhesive tapes, specialist tapes... whatever you want to call them, they've always played a vital role throughout industry. Whatever you need such tapes for, and whatever exact tapes you require, you'll definitely be well catered-for by the range at Simpson Packaging, with everything from general purpose carton sealing tapes and masking tape to gummed paper tape and aluminium foil tape being available from stock in our well stocked warehouse.
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For protective packaging, voidfill and voidfill machinery, look no further than Simpson Packaging
Simpson Packaging may have built its reputation as packaging suppliers in many areas - including its broad range of high quality products, competitive pricing and family-oriented customer service - but one other major reason for its present industry position is its highly effective protective packaging, voidfill and voidfill machinery.
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Don't overlook Simpson Packaging for the best quality furniture and floor protection
Although Simpson Packaging undoubtedly has a prominent reputation in the removals and self storage industry, supplying all of the essential general packaging materials like cartons, paper and polythene products and adhesive tapes, there's another need that our customers have that they frequently turn to us to fulfil: that is for the highest quality and most suitable furniture and floor protection.
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Self Pak's self storage products cover all of the essential industry requirements
When any of an extremely wide range of companies need to stock up on self storage products, Simpson Packaging is a name rarely far from their minds. If there's one other firm that is frequently mentioned, however, it is one of our very own brand companies, Self Pak.
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Polythene products from Simpson Packaging are truly industry-leading
There's something that those in the self-storage, removals and furniture industries turn to us for time and time again: our range of polythene products.
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What makes Simpson Packaging a top choice for cartons?
If there's one type of packaging material that is especially unlikely to go out of fashion, it is surely the humble carton. You might not imagine that there's much new that can be done with such a fundamentally simple and successful design of packaging - at least until you look at the extensive cartons range on offer at Simpson Packaging.
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We offer every conceivable type of packaging strapping
If yours is an industry in which products routinely need to be palletised or otherwise secured for despatch, it's likely that you will require packaging strapping of one kind or another. However, although there are many companies that specialise in packaging products, there are few that can boast such a strong range as Simpson Packaging, nor as strong a commitment to putting the customer first.
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Don't look to any other packaging suppliers for paper products
Inevitably, for your storage and packaging needs, you will require paper products from time to time, and Simpson Packaging offers plenty of those. We are joined by our sister company Dependable Packaging, which has become a major force in the manufacture and supply of paper blankets, paper furniture covers, paper mattress bags and more throughout Wales and the South West of England.
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Whatever you need to deliver, our postal products and labelling do the job
If your company is involved in the delivery of great numbers of products to customers' homes and workplaces - whether the items in question are CDs, mobile phones, books or rather larger and more fragile goods - you're sure to find something in the Simpson Packaging packaging materials range that perfectly matches your needs. From Featherpost bags and jiffy padded bags to self-adhesive card envelopes and hazard warning labels, it's all in stock right here.
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Proper pallet wrap keeps your company profitable
One of the most cost effective and efficient ways to guard against damage occurring in the supply chain is to use pallet wrap. If your business doesn't make use of it already you should know that proper pallet wrap is essential for deliveries.
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The specialist tapes that answer your needs
Where would we be without adhesive tapes? Certainly, the removals and self storage industries would be infinitely less efficient without them as would many other production and manufacturing operations who need to use tapes.
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Our handling equipment helps to keep your warehouse efficient
For all manner of warehouses and factories that are involved in the dispatch of a large number of items or packages, whether they be manufacturers, wholesalers, removal companies or in the self storage industry the right handling equipment is a necessary requirement to operate efficiently and safely.
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The complete protective packaging range that any good supplier should stock
In all industries ranging from general production, furniture manufacturing, removals and storage and other specialised sectors there is often a need for packaging materials that are as affordable as they are able to withstand the greatest punishment and provide the most effective protection.
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