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Both usual and unusual protective packaging options are available from us
Is there a more fundamental packaging need than that for protective packaging? Many might say that it is the biggest or even only reason why one needs to purchase packaging materials - to protect the all manner of items that one may need to transport and/or store when involved in the removals and self storage industry, furniture manufacturing and distribution or many other wider general industries.
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Every conceivable type of adhesive tape, in stock right here at Simpson Packaging
Adhesive tape is one of the most seemingly elementary of all packaging materials, which can make it easy to forget just how many types of such tape are available. Any business that is remotely active in the removals, self-storage and other general industries will tell you that there are as many types of adhesive tape out there as there are purposes for such tape, which is also something that can be easily appreciated from our range here at Simpson Packaging.
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Never underestimate the effectiveness of our stretch wrap and shrinkwrap
Polythene packaging materials come in so many different forms, that it can be very easy to forget the vital role that the venerable shrinkwrap and stretch wrap have played in the operations of warehouses over the years. With one type of wrap stretching to fit and the other shrinking to fit, these two products may have been conceived on the basis of rather different principles, but their level of importance is very similar.
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Our shipping cartons can perfectly suit your transport or storage needs
Sometimes in life, it's the simpler things that make a bigger difference than the seemingly much more complicated or sophisticated things. That's certainly something that we appreciate as an experienced, family-oriented company here at Simpson Packaging, but much the same could also be said of our complete assortment of moving boxes or storage cartons.
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Shop for excellent retail products and padlocks from Self Pak
One of the things that even many of our most regular customers here at Simpson Packaging don't necessarily fully appreciate, is that Simpson Packaging really is a group of companies, each of which has its own specialisms, strengths and history. Dependable Packaging and White Rose Packaging are both proud group firms of ours with strong track records, but there's another one of our brands that you may wish to learn more about: Self Pak.
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Protective packaging, voidfill and machinery - it's all on offer at Simpson Packaging
There are simply no more evergreen packaging materials than protective packaging materials. Almost irrespective of whether you are involved in general manufacturing / production or other areas of industry such as furniture manufacturing / distribution or the Removals and Self Storage industry, you will require suitable protective packaging, and there's no company that offers such a comprehensive selection of it as Simpson Packaging.
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Some of our polythene products that you may not have noticed...
Packaging materials simply come no wider-ranging than those that we stock here at Simpson Packaging, but if there's any potential downside of that, it's that you might overlook some amazing products that could be just the thing for your own companies current storage or transport requirement. Consider, for example, our acclaimed selection of polythene products, which isn't just about the more obvious polythene bags.
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Simpson Packaging can't be beaten for warehouse and handling products
So many businesses operations take place in a warehouse environment, and it is for those reasons that Simpson Packaging has assembled a simply unrivalled selection of warehouse and handling equipment, along with all of the other associated packaging materials that we offer.
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Our postal and labelling products give you all of the options
Both labelling and postal products have always been indispensable to individuals and businesses across the United Kingdom. Indeed, our own customers often require cost-effective solutions for not only wrapping up and protecting their vital packages for transit and storage, but also communicating important information to all who may come across their package.
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Need strapping? Why you should consider no other packaging supplier
Strapping is among the most important packaging materials, and yet, many of our rivals seem to give this product category mere lip service. As you might expect, here at Simpson Packaging, we really do believe that customers in a wide variety of industries should be able to take advantage of the complete range of strapping products and accessories, complete with the friendly, responsive and family-oriented customer service that we are renound for.
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Coversafe or Ecopac furniture covers, blankets and webbing cater for all manner of requirements
When it comes to the storage and transportation of furniture, antiques, office equipment and white goods items, it's not always good enough to use any old, all-purpose packaging materials. Sometimes, you require something of a slightly more specialised nature, and we certainly know how to specialise here at Simpson Packaging. Our complete selection of Coversafe and Ecopac protective furniture covers, transit blankets and webbing will keep thoroughly protect your items throughout transit and storage.
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Protect delicate and essential items with our many protective packaging options
In news pieces like this one, we always try to point out examples of the sheer breadth of our packaging materials range - the items that mark out us out as not just the usual supplier. As one of our flagship ranges, protective packaging at Simpson Packaging comes in an especially impressive range of shapes and sizes, with the likes of bubble wrap, foam corners, corrugated paper rolls and bubble bags/pouches all available to order from us right now.
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A truly leading supplier of adhesive tapes
Adhesive tapes are one of the most essential packaging materials - for as long as packaging has been used, people have needed a means of securing and taping it all together. Certainly, for the modern UK business, adhesive tape is no less of an essential, and there's no need to look further than Simpson Packaging for a comprehensive range of tapes encompassing every popular and more specialised options, every one of them offered at a great price.
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We offer great specialist cartons, not just removal boxes
There can be few more venerable companions to those working in the removals or self-storage industries than the humble box or carton. You might just be seeking some good old-fashioned removal boxes, or it may be something of a more specialist nature - such as modular cartons, garment transportation or die cut cartons - that you have in mind.
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A rundown of Self Pak's self-storage products, removal kits, retail packaging and padlocks
It doesn't matter how broad our product selection becomes here at Simpson Packaging, or the lengths that we go to, to improve it - to some people, we will always be about good old-fashioned moving boxes or storage cartons. One of the leading brands within the Simpson Packaging group, Self Pak, certainly offers plenty of cartons, but it also stocks so much more besides.
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Require stretch wrap or shrink wrap? Turn to Simpson Packaging
As one of the premier packaging materials specialists, here at Simpson Packaging, we're always reviewing and adding to our product ranges to ensure that they continue to cater for every conceivable customer requirement. That is certainly the case with our stretch wrap and shrink wrap line, where you will find so many of the best quality products.
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Everything that you require for a more efficient warehouse
The leading retailers and fulfilment companies are always paying attention to every possible way in which they can boost the efficiency of their warehouse operations, a task that we are only too happy to help with here at Simpson Packaging. We aren't just suppliers of the most obvious packaging materials - we are also a one-stop shop for the most comprehensive range of warehouse and handling equipment.
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You can't do better than our industry-leading labelling and postal products
We may have a well established customer base in such industries as removals, self storage, furniture manufacturing and other general industry but our broad customer base here at Simpson Packaging also includes many organisations and individuals that need to suitably package goods that could be fragile or important items, in great quantities, on a constant basis. It is those customers that most stand to benefit from our range of postal products and labelling supplies.
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One of our Self Pak padlocks could be indispensable
Should the time ever come that you doubt Simpson Packaging's claim to be a leading supplier of packaging and related products for the self-storage industry, there's only one group company's offerings that you will need to look to instead... Self Pak's. This sub-brand of ours has become known for its extremely generous selection of retail ready packaging and handling products, not to mention... padlocks.
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For great paper products, you shouldn't look anywhere else
It is difficult to think of a better all-round supplier of paper products of all sizes, shapes and types than Simpson Packaging. Certainly, paper packaging is the yardstick by which any supplier is judged - does the one that you have in mind stock every obvious item in this category, from general purpose kraft paper and acid free tissue to news off-cuts and paper blankets?
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Industry-leading polythene products, delivered direct to you
When you look at the breadth of our current product range here at Simpson Packaging and see seemingly everything from cartons and paper products to strapping products and floor protection on offer, you might imagine that we'd have a lot to offer as far as polythene products are concerned, too - and you'd be exactly right.
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Do you need the best products for protecting your floors and furniture?
One type of item that you can guarantee needing to store and/or transport from time to time is furniture, especially if you work in the self-storage, removals or - of course - furniture industries. There are a lot of delicate items out there that need to be sensitively dealt with, and that means heavily depending on the packaging and protection products that you use.
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From bubble wrap and voidfill to machinery... our protective packaging range
Keeping your organisation's stored or transported goods firmly shielded from the dangers of the outside world will always be one of your uppermost priorities when you are packaging them, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that a packaging industry leader like Simpson Packaging has explored every possibility. Our protective packaging range goes far beyond the obvious bubble wrap.
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Buy from us for many different types of corner and edge protectors
When the time comes to store or transport all manner of items, such as furniture, pictures or antiques it is so often the edges and corners that are the most vulnerable as they can easily sustain damage. Here at Simpson Packaging, we know that even a slight scuff to a corner or edge as a result of inadequate packaging is unacceptable and costly, hence the generous selection of ex stock corner and edge protectors that we offer.
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Strapping and the associated products for sealing your goods
For the sealing, bundling and securing of all manner of goods like boxes and pallets, there's simply nothing better than strapping. Nor are we convinced that there is any better range of strapping to be found anywhere than our own right here at Simpson Packaging. You might need polypropylene and polyester strapping, steel strapping or accessories like tensioners, sealers, automated tools and/or dispensers... whatever, we have them all in stock right now.
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Sell the finest self storage products from Self Pak
Simpson Packaging doesn't just comprise the main Simpson Packaging company itself - it is also a group consisting of various other well-established and highly regarded firms, each catering for various aspects of packaging. One of those firms is Self Pak, which provides those in the self storage industry with the opportunity of maximising their revenues through the sale of all manner of retail ready packaging.
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We answer your needs for moving boxes or storage cartons
Any self-respecting packaging supplier will always ensure that it has plenty of moving boxes or storage cartons in stock, but few companies anywhere in the UK can claim to offer such an impressive assortment of cartons as Simpson Packaging. Of course, for those in the self-storage, removals and furniture industries that use us regularly, that comes as no surprise.
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Need sealing tape? Don't turn to any other supplier
Sealing tape has always been a packaging staple - the list of applications for which it is needed in the self-storage, removals and furniture industries is a long one. It is therefore very convenient to be able to source the full range of such tapes from a single reputable company, such as Simpson Packaging.
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Our Ecopac and Coversafe covers protect your furniture with aplomb
Such is the depth of Simpson Packaging's range of furniture covers and other protective items, that every time one takes a fresh look, they are likely to find great solutions that they may have never previously considered for their given circumstance. That could certainly be said of our all-too-often unsung premium range Ecopac and Coversafe protective covers.
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Come to us for a world of stretch wrap and shrink wrap
Almost anyone with any level of experience in the local self storage, removals and furniture industries knows that Simpson Packaging can be depended upon to supply the complete range of packaging supplies, and that is no less the case when it comes to polythene products. In particular, we are delighted to be able to offer a formidable selection of stretch wrap and shrink wrap products.
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