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Crates and Cases

A cost effective, long term alternative to cardboard cartons.

Plastic Storage Crates

Plastic storage crates are widely used within both the commercial and domestic removals and storage industry. Tough and durable, the crates can be interlocked to save space when not in use. An extensive range is available to suit every application.

A cost effective, long term alternative to cardboard cartons, plastic storage crates are available in a range of shapes, colours and sizes and can be custom printed to your design (MOQ’s apply).

L3 Crate: (Ext. Dimensions)
Width 705mm (top)
600mm (base)
Depth 455mm (top)
380mm (base)
Height 350mm
Weight 4.22kg

L6 Crate: (Ext. Dimensions)
Width 1125mm (top)
1000mm (base)
Depth 480mm (top)
375mm (base)
Height 360mm
Weight 6.77kg

IT6 Crate: (Ext. Dimensions)
Width 675mm (top)
555mm (base)
Depth 575mm (top)
465mm (base)
Height 615mm
Weight 7.82kg

IT3 Crate: (Ext. Dimensions)
Width 675mm (top)
575mm (base)
Depth 575mm (top)
485mm (base)
Height 465mm
Weight 6.51kg

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Plastic Crate Dolly

Dolly skates are also available to assist with the transporting of loaded crates.

Ext. Top Dim 680x436x200mm
Int. Loc Dim 640x400mm
Castors 100mm (4 swivel)
Load 180kg
Weight 5.5kg
Material MDPE
Colour Grey

Rubber topped wooden dolly’s can also be used with crates. See the Warehouse & Handling Equipment page for more information.

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Really Useful Boxes

These well designed, robust plastic storage crates are available in a wide variety of sizes. They are heavy duty, transparent and have a totally flat, reinforced base. The Really Useful Boxes are ideal for the storage and transportation of suspension files and come with lockable handles that secure the lid to the base.

Code Description
SSC02 19ltr Really Useful Box 315mm x 205mm x 270mm (Internal)
SSC03 35ltr Really Useful Box 370mm x 310mm x 280mm (Internal)
SSC04 64ltr Really Useful Box 605mm x 370mm x 280mm (Internal)
SSC05 84ltr Really Useful Box 605mm x 370mm x 355mm (Internal)

If you are unable to find a size to suit your requirements please speak to a member of our sales team about other Really Useful Box sizes that are available to order.

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Wooden Storage Containers

Our Wooden Storage Containers are 250cu. ft in capacity with exterior diamensions of 86" x 62". The storage containers have a plywood base. The containers are then quick and easy to assemble using metal klimps, making them strong and durable once erected for use.

We Supply:

  • Standard Storage Containers
  • Standard Anti-loose Containers
  • Archive Storage Containers
  • Containers modified to your requirements
  • Container Bases
  • Dividing Shelves
  • Archive Shelving Units
  • Hinged Front Door Sections

A range of marking equipment is also available including stencil kits, black and yellow ink spray, line marking spray, marker pens and metal paint pens. Furniture Repair Kits are also available containing ten shaded waxed crayons for any furniture touch up requirements.

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Wooden Cases

Simpson Packaging, offer a bespoke Wooden Case making service. Our case makers can accommodate virtually any requirements you may have. Wooden Crates can be manufactured to suit light and heavier duty requirements where extra strength is needed. The Cases can also be supplied in heat treated wood to meet ISPM regulations. One off cases or multiples can easily be supplied, therefore if it’s a picture or grandfather clock that you require a Wooden Case to suit, we will be able to manufacture and deliver it in a short space of time.

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Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets can also be manufactured to suit our range of Shipping Cartons with either two or four way access for pallet or fork lift trucks. You can also give us your specific size pallet requirements and will make them to order. They can be supplied if required heat treated to meet ISPM regulations.

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No Nail Boxes

A range of lightweight, extremely strong No Nail Boxes are also available. Fast and easily assembled from flat packed, they require no nails, staples or tape and are secured using locking clips. No Nail Boxes are made from high quality plywood with prefabricated steel edges for impact protection and have a carrying capacity of 200kg in weight.

Barrier Foil Bags can also be supplied to create and effective moisture and corrosion barrier for goods during transit in any of our bespoke Wooden Cases and No Nail Boxes.

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