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Order from the vast selection of protective packaging that Simpson Packaging can offer, including bubble wrap, foam rolls, corner protectors and many more in-demand options.

How many ways could there possibly be to protect the goods that your removals, self-storage or furniture company needs to store or transport? Well, it turns out that there are quite a few, especially when you order from the vast selection of protective packaging that Simpson Packaging can offer, including bubble wrap, foam rolls, corner protectors and many more in-demand options.

Bubble wrap, of course, is the perennial go-to form of protective packaging for all manner of customers of ours. It’s light and cost-effective, but also strong and shock-resistant. Many of our customers find it to be the complete protection, cushioning and void fill solution, and there are various sizes from which to choose in our online store, in widths from 150mm to 2400mm.

Furthermore, there are so many different types of bubble wrap and twists on the traditional bubble wrap formula that you can pick from here at Simpson Packaging. These range from anti-static, heavy duty and flame retardant bubble wrap, right through to biodegradable bubble wrap, Bonus Bubble and Softline Bubble Blankets. The latter, for example, are designed with the protection of furniture specifically in mind, and are more flexible than the obvious alternatives.

If, meanwhile, you are in the market for polyethylene foam rolls, you will be pleased by our brilliantly clean, tough and non-abrasive solution that has been manufactured from millions of air-filled cells. Alternatively, if it’s simply low-cost general purpose protective packaging that you’re looking for, our single-faced corrugated paper rolls may serve you just fine. They’re manufactured entirely from recycled paper and are provided in standard 75-metre length rolls of various widths.

Our more obscure forms of protective packaging include the likes of polyethylene foam profiles for various edge protection problems, and ex-stock foam corners for tables, doors and panels. Or maybe it’s floor protection such as plastic corrugated sheeting that your business truly needs, with this product also a good choice for wrapping around damage-prone areas such as door frames? Plastic protective sleeving can also be ordered from us and is resistant to grease and oil, making it a great option for protecting small components, bottles and bulky machine parts. 

Finally, we are also delighted to be able to bring you the machines – such as the Opus Paper Filler and Cello II – that help you to get more out of your protective packaging. Purchase these alongside such items in the wider Simpson Packaging range as cartons, paper products, adhesive tape, strapping and padlocks, and you’ll soon realise how we have come to command such a formidable industry reputation.

For all things protective packaging and so much more, Simpson Packaging can be your reliable go-to online store. Simply get in touch with our sales team now, by calling +44 (0)1924 869010, to find out more about how we can serve your firm’s needs in the self-storage, removals or furniture sector.





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