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In many ways, though, it may be the associated products to be found in our strapping section that bring your company the greatest value

The products that make up our strapping selection here at Simpson Packaging could be vital for organisations like yours, in more ways than one. However, we also stock many related items – including staplers, glue guns, rubber elasticated bands, scissors, twine and rope – that could find important uses within your business.

Focusing on strapping first, many of those who source their strapping from us opt automatically for our polypropylene hand strapping, which should hardly be seen as a surprise. After all, this tensional hand strapping can be purchased in so many widths, breaking strengths and colours, on cardboard cores or plastic reels. Such a broad range of options helps to make this polypropylene hand strapping a wise investment for sealing boxes, bundling and securing pallets.

However, if you require a stronger option than polypropylene strapping, the likes of extruded polyester strapping and steel strapping can also be purchased from us. You may consider our polyester strapping to offer the best overall mix of qualities, given its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. It also offers twice the strength of polypropylene strapping, although our steel strapping is even stronger still, and is a good choice when you need to secure heavy loads with sharp angles. We also sell it alongside budget steel strapping sealers and tensioners.

In many ways, though, it may be the associated products to be found in our strapping section that bring your company the greatest value. Were you aware, for example, that we can bring you high-quality and reliable Rapid staplers, which are made from top grade steel, but are also easy to handle and comfortable to use?

Alternatively, why not ask us about our comprehensive selection of ergonomically designed and lightweight, but also robust glue guns that are a match for almost any application? They come with a 12-month warranty, and as you might expect from such a trustworthy name as Simpson Packaging, we even have the glue sticks and slugs in stock to ensure you get the most out of your glue gun.

The ‘tying’ element of your day-to-day operations, meanwhile, can be serviced nicely by such products of ours as the rubber elastic bands that are well-suited to the bundling and securing of small items, packets and parcels. Or why not take your pick from our assorted household, stationery and industrial strings, ropes and twines? Remember that we also stock cutting devices such as scissors and safety knives here at Simpson Packaging.

There aren’t too many stores out there that can claim to have almost everything an organisation could conceivably need for strapping, stapling, glueing and tying – not to mention such other crucial items as cartons, adhesive tapes, paper products and padlocks. However, Simpson Packaging is one of them – and all that you need to do is give our sales team a call on +44 (0)1924 869 010 to learn more about how we can assist you with our professional and responsive service. 








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