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You will find Simpson Packaging to be the online store to which to turn for a wealth of specialised options that might not be on offer elsewhere

Here at Simpson Packaging, we have long been great believers that there is no single packaging or protective product in any category that caters to all conceivable requirements – and this is certainly the attitude that we have long had to the stocking of shrink wrap and stretch wrap.

Such products form just a part of our broader acclaimed selection of polythene products, and there are ‘standard’ items of both types that we are pleased to offer to our customers across various industries. Our ‘standard’ stretch film, for instance, might be all that you need to securely palletise products, while polythene shrink wrap is available if you require a solution that fits around a product’s contours like a second skin once heated.

Beyond that, you will find Simpson Packaging to be the online store to which to turn for a wealth of specialised options that might not be on offer elsewhere. When you are purchasing shrink film from us, for example, you can choose between preformed bags, centrefold and single wound sheeting. Our stretch film and pallet wrap, meanwhile, can be supplied in such forms as flush and extended core hand film, mini handy wrap bundling rolls, black opaque security film and jumbo machine-applied stretch wrap rolls.

Then, there are the even lesser-spotted variants of these products of which we are key suppliers. These include the Q-Lite pre-stretch film that, as its name suggests, doesn’t even need to be stretched, meaning less fatigue and back strain for the operator. The process of applying this film is quick, simple and safe, and there’s even a Coreless version available for firms wishing to place a particular emphasis on environmental friendliness.

Don’t forget that we also provide various equipment and machinery in relation to shrink wrap and stretch wrap, ranging from mobile dispensers for single wound or centre folded shrink wrap, right through to stretch wrap machines, shrink systems and shrink wrap guns. Such products are all designed to enable you to gain greater productivity and value from the shrink wrap and stretch wrap that your organisation uses on a daily basis.

Simpson Packaging has long been a dependable source of all of the packaging and protective materials that a removals, self-storage or furniture firm could require, encompassing such essentials as cartons, paper products, crates, cases and even padlocks. It all helps to make us the one supplier in which you need to ever place your trust.



















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