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Simpson Packaging offer a large range of paper products at competitive prices, with excellent availability and delivery.

General Purpose Kraft Paper

Pure and Imitation General Purpose Kraft Paper is available in sheet or roll form. This material is ideal for wrapping a wide variety of items for dispatch or use as an economical void filler.

Code Size Grade
PKS1 900mm x 1500mm 90gsm Pure Kraft Paper (x 240 sheets)
PKS2 1400mm x 1800mm 90gsm Pure Kraft Paper (x 80 sheets)
PKS3 1150mm x 1425mm 90gsm Pure Kraft Paper (x 120 sheets)
PKR3 900mm x 285mtr 70gsm Pure Kraft Paper roll
PKR4 1200mm x 250mtr 39gsm Pure Kraft Paper roll

Code Size Grade
IKPR1 18" 460mm x 150mtr 90gsm Imitation Kraft Paper roll
IKPR2 24" 610mm x 150mtr 90gsm Imitation Kraft Paper roll
IKPR3 36" 915mm x 150mtr 90gsm Imitation Kraft Paper roll
IKPR4 48" 1220mm x 150mtr 90gsm Imitation Kraft Paper roll
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Kraft Union Paper

Ideal for case lining, Kraft Union Paper is made with bitumen layers to give a tough surface, which is puncture resistant and a barrier to water.

Code Size Grade
RWTP1 900mm x 100mtr 120gsm roll
RWTP2 1200mm x 100mtr 120gsm roll
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VCI Kraft Paper

Our VCI Kraft Paper (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) is specially coated to prevent rusting of ferrous metals in storage or during transit.

Code Size Grade
VCI01 1000mm x 200mtr 55gsm roll
ARP01 450mm x 600mm 55gsm Sheet x 500 per pack
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Waxed Kraft Paper

Waxed Kraft Paper is ideal for wrapping oily or greasy machine parts. The Waxed Kraft Paper is also water resistant making it ideal for the protection of highly polished furniture.

Code Size Grade
RWP1 900mm x 200mtr 55gsm roll
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Jet Wraps

Jet wraps are a purpose made product for fast and efficient wrapping of glassware and crockery. Manufactured from a combination of kraft and corrugated paper.

Code Size Grade
JW1 19" x 9" 50 (per pack)
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Acid Free Tissue

Acid free tissue paper is ideal for wrapping delicate items, fabrics and polished surfaces without any risk of tarnishing. Available in sheet or roll form.

Code Size Grade
ACT1 500mm x 750mm (500 sheets per ream)
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Crêpe Paper Coils

Crêpe paper coils are ideal for wrapping awkward shaped items such as chair legs.

Code Size Grade
CPC1 80mm x 20mtr (27 rolls per box)
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News Off-Cuts

News off-cut paper provides a fast and economical method of wrapping items and void filling. News Off-Cuts are a versatile product which are extensively used in the removals and storage industry to pack crockery and glassware.

News Off-Cuts are also suitable for the outer wrapping of food products. News Off-Cut paper can also be widely recycled after use.

KG’s Sheet Size Approx Sheets Pallet Qty
2.5 20” x 30” 150 400 packs
5 20” x 30” 300 200 packs
10 20” x 30” 600 100 packs
10 30” x 40” 300 100 packs

For LARGER QUANTITY OFFERS please contact our sales team

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Paper Blankets

Paper Blankets offer the ideal protection for furniture and highly polished antiques. Used mainly in export and storage markets our Paper Blankets are made from a combination of smooth and quilted (embossed paper) paper to give maximum protection. We stock a wide range of Paper Blankets in pack or roll form.

Bespoke Paper Blankets can also be manufactured to specific sizes and with increased number of ply for heavier duty requirements.

Code Size(mm) Ply Finish Outer gsm Blankets per pallet
PB4 1030 x 1800 4 Kraft 40 1000
PB5 1030 x 1800 5 Kraft 40 7500
PBW5HD01 1030 x 1800 5 (H/D) White/Kraft 90 7500
PBW5L01 1350 x 2250 5 (H/D) White/Kraft 90 5000
PBPTON01 1030 x 2100 5 (H/D) Kraft 110 5000
PB7 1030 x 2300 6 (H/D) Kraft 110 5000
RPB4 1030 x 33mtr (roll) 4 Kraft 40 single roll

As we print in-line our minimum order for custom printed quantities of Paper Blankets are much less than our competitors.

Paper Blankets are the most economical, environmentally friendly form of export wrapping available.

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Protective Paper Covers

Fast and user friendly, Paper Furniture Covers are designed to save valuable time when export wrapping. Manufactured from heavy duty kraft paper with quilted embossed layers, the seams are stitched for maximum strength and durability and colour coded by size.

The Paper Furniture Covers are available in a comprehensive range to fit securely over all sizes of furniture. Bespoke sizes can also be manufactured to suit your requirements with custom printing available. Paper Furniture Covers are also fully recyclable and environmentally friendly compared to polythene alternatives.

Stock Range Of Paper Covers

Code Description Size (mm) Colour ID
PAG1 Armchair 1000 x 1000 x 1400 Natural
P2G2 2 Seat 1650 x 1000 x 1400 Green
P3G3 3 Seat 2050 x 1000 x 1400 Red
P4G4 4 Seat 2440 x 1000 x 1400 Orange
PGDC1 Dining Chair 600 x 550 x 1400 Natural
SPMB1 Single Matt 1090 x 190 x 2160 Natural
KPMB3 Double Matt 1550 x 190 x 2160 Blue
SKPMB4 King Matt 2170 x 2550 Black
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Kraft Paper Sacks

We have one of the largest paper sack making machines in Europe. Therefore we are able to manufacture Paper Sacks between 1 and 6 ply. Large Paper Sacks can be made for a wide variety of uses such as Bicycle Sacks, Car Bumper Sacks and Radiator Grill Sacks for protection of items during transit and prior to use or installation.

Kraft Paper Sacks are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. The bottom of the bag is machine stitched for strength and the bags can be printed for improved presentation and advertising.

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