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Strapping Products

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Polypropylene Hand Strapping

Versatile, light and flexible, polypropylene (PP) tensional hand strapping is stocked in a comprehensive range of widths, breaking strengths and colours. It is ideal for sealing boxes, bundling and securing pallets. Polypropylene hand strapping is available on cardboard cores or plastic reels and can be custom printed to your specification, giving security, ease of identification and image enhancement.

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Polyester Strapping

Extruded polyester strapping is twice as strong as polypropylene strapping and is the modern, safe alternative to steel strapping. Polyester Strapping has the advantages of flexibility, strength retention, cost effectiveness and is environmentally friendly. As well as these benefits it does not rust, mark your product or spring back when cut like steel strapping. Polyester Strapping is available in various stock widths, break strains and can be custom printed to your specifications.

Polyester Strapping is the safe alternative to steel

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Strapping Machines & Machine Strapping

We stock an extensive range of polypropylene machine strapping for use with all makes of semi or fully automatic strapping machines. Stocked in widths from 5mm to 12mm, machine strapping is supple, adaptable to a variety of package shapes and requires no seals, as the strapping is heat friction welded. Packing operations can be greatly increased in efficiency with the addition of a fully or semi-automatic strapping machine.

Semi-automatic strapping machines are reliable, robust and economical. They provide a fast and efficient method for strapping single or multiple items. For larger packing operations fully-automatic machines strap at the touch of a button. All strapping machines are fully CE approved and we offer after sales service from our team of trained engineers.

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Strapping Tools

Extruded polypropylene and polyester strapping can be used in conjunction with a variety of strapping tools. Our stock range offers the solution to every application. Budget strapping sealers, tensioners and combination strapping tools are ideal for starting out, whilst the RSK or Fromm P403 strapping tools cater for heavier applications. The Zapak friction weld strapping tools are designed for quick, effortless, multiple strapping operations and require no metal seals, as the strap is heat welded together.

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Strapping Accessories

Plastic and cardboard edge protectors prevent damage to the item being strapped and the user friendly ‘pallet probe’ (not shown) is ideal for threading strapping under pallets.

A large range of strapping accessories - seals (semi-open and serrated) and buckles - are available to secure all widths of polypropylene and polyester strapping.

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Strapping Dispensers

A full range of mobile and static plastic strapping dispensers are available for polypropylene and polyester strapping

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Woven Polyester Strapping

Woven Polyester Strapping is the ideal alternative to steel strapping

  • Weather Resistant
  • Strong as Steel
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • No Sharp Edges
  • Very High Capacity to Absorb Shocks During Transport
  • Ideal for Vehicle Lashing in Containers
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Bale Press Strap

Bale Press Strap is a corded polyester strapping which has been designed for use in baling machines or waste compactors. The Bale Press Strap can be hand tied or used with metal buckles when further tensioning is required. Available in various widths it is wound onto a 60x160mm core.

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Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is the strongest strapping of all with very high break strains. It is ideal for securing heavy loads with sharp angles. Five Steel Strapping widths are available along with a choice of coil sizes. Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping coils are single wound for smaller users, whilst Mill Wound (Oscillated) Steel Strapping coils are cross wound to give longer length rolls. We stock five widths of steel strapping, 13, 16, 19, 25 and 32mm along with a choice of coil sizes.

Steel Strapping is painted black as standard for corrosion resistance and zinc coated Steel Strapping is available for outdoor use to prevent rusting.

A range of budget Steel Strapping sealers and tensioners are designed for the smaller user, whilst the heavy duty “Seal – Free” combination toll is a single unit which tensions, seals and cuts for a quick efficient strapping operation.

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Stainless Steel Strapping

Stainless Steel Strapping is strong and corrosion resistant making it ideal for outdoor use. It is available in 12mm and 19mm widths and used with knockdown style buckles and tensioning tool.

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Rapid Staplers are renowned worldwide for their quality and reliability. Rugged and strong, the Staplers are precision made in Sweden from top grade steel and designed with easy handling and comfort in mind. We stock Rapid “Plier”, “Hammer” and “Pistol” type stapling, with staples to meet every application.

Carton top and bottom staplers are fast, user friendly and will increase efficiency on any packing line. The carton staplers are available for manual use or pneumatic for extra speed.

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Glue Guns & Glue

We stock a comprehensive range of Glue Guns which are ergonomically designed, robust and lightweight to suit all applications. Longer triggers and narrow profiles ensure ease of use, reduced operator fatigue and day long comfort. We also have a range of Glue Stick and Slugs that are available from stock to suit most Glue Guns and application purposes.

All our Glue Guns include a 12 month warranty.

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Rubber Elasticated Bands

Rubber Elastic Bands are manufactured from synthetic rubber and offer a simple and economical way of bundling small items and securing packets and parcels.

A comprehensive range of sizes are available from stock.

Band Size (mm) Quantity per lb
No.8 25 x 1.5mm 3000
No.14 50 x 1.5mm 1900
No.19 90 x 1.5mm 1100
No.28 40 x 3mm 1200
No.34 100 x 3mm 500
No.38 150 x 3mm 330

Other sizes are available to order

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Scissors, Twine & Rope

A comprehensive range of household, stationary and industrial Strings, Ropes and Twines, manufactured from both polypropylene and cotton are available. Cutting devices include Scissors and various Safety Knifes, which can be found on the Warehouse Equipment section, of our website.

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