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we also offer floor protection products, which are similarly greatly appreciated by many different organisations in our customer base

Simpson Packaging may be better known as a supplier of packaging materials than necessarily as the first company to which many organisations would head in search of furniture or floor protection, but we are nonetheless renowned for the breadth and depth of our range of the latter products.

Even many firms that initially turn to us for cartons, paper, shrinkwrap or padlocks frequently come back to us to purchase such highly regarded furniture protection products as transit blankets and quilted moving pads.

The former, for instance, are a popular choice not only for furniture, but also when antiques, office equipment and shop fittings need to be shielded from damage. They are made from a wool mixture with cross stitching that helps to ensure such often delicate items are given optimum protection during both transport and storage.

The multiple sizes in which you can purchase our transit blankets make them even more indispensable. Much the same can be said of the quilted moving pads that we supply in three elasticated band sizes – small (23”), medium (30”) and large (41”) – to help you in protecting even especially valuable and easily damaged furniture. They are a bigger option than a transit blanket, and are made from highly robust, multi-layered quilted material, while the stitched band at the edges guards against fraying.

Webbing van ties are also frequently ordered by many of our customers on account of their value in ensuring load security during transit. Or why not ask us about our Ecopac protective covers that help to take so much of the difficulty and stress out of the process of removing furniture, mattresses and appliances from the home? Not only are these fabric covers fully enclosing, but they are also water resistant and incorporate heavy-duty Rip Stop carry handles for the utmost ease of handling.

But as we mentioned earlier, we also offer floor protection products, which are similarly greatly appreciated by many different organisations in our customer base. You can depend on us as a source of ‘Stair Stick’ self-adhesive carpet protection film in no fewer than four boxed sizes, as well as Foltex carpet protectors that combine a waterproof liner with a cushioned material outer. Such features of the latter make it the perfect choice of protective solution for laminate and tiled floors.

Remember that whether your firm is in need of any of the above products or instead such protective, packaging and security essentials as druggetts, adhesive tapes, warehouse and handling equipment or padlocks, Simpson Packaging can provide high-quality options at the most competitive prices, all as part of the personal service you would expect from a family-owned company.  



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