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Keep furniture and flooring safe from damage with the help of these products
Fortunately, here at Simpson Packaging, we offer various products that can prove invaluable for the protection of both furniture and flooring.
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Don’t look to any company other than Simpson Packaging for postal products and labelling
Among the most popular of our postal products are our Featherpost bags. These bags come in a range of interior sizes, meaning you are sure to find one that perfectly fits the items you're sending.
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Our strapping products and accessories are sure to be invaluable to your business
Simpson Packaging stocks a plethora of effective packaging solutions for your items, including polypropylene hand strapping, which is perfect for sealing boxes and securing pallets. It is available in various colours, widths and breaking strengths and can even be custom printed to your specification.
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Enquire about our vast array of practical protective packaging solutions
Keeping your products well-protected in transit is key to ensuring customer satisfaction – after all, it's inevitable that when your goods are being transported a long (or even short) distance, there will be a few bumps along the way! That's precisely why, here at Simpson Packaging, we are proud to offer a plethora of protective packaging designed to keep all of your items in impeccable condition.
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Self Pak is one of the UK's biggest names in self storage products
While the merits of choosing Self Pak as your provider of self storage products are many and varied, including our low cost minimum orders, competitive pricing and the availability of next day delivery, it is the products themselves that have made the greatest contribution to the brand's formidable reputation.
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Our specialist cartons help to keep your vital goods safe and protected
Ensuring that your company uses good quality cartons is crucial for preserving your contained goods in the best condition when they are kept in storage or during long-haul transit. That's why, here at Simpson Packaging, we are delighted to be able to stock a generous selection of industry-leading cartons and specialist cartons.
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Simpson Packaging provides the stretch wrap and shrinkwrap that is crucial to your business
If your business packages products in a warehouse environment, stretch film and shrinkwrap are ideal solutions. Not only can they be used quickly and effectively to package large volumes of goods, but they can also offer substantial protection against marks, dust and moisture.
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Why look any further than us for the best specialist tapes?
There really isn't any other company offering such a comprehensive stock range of high-quality packaging products as Simpson Packaging does - and if you required any evidence of that, you would only need to look to our truly stellar selection of specialist tapes and sealing tapes.
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Dependable Packaging boasts a formidable selection of paper products
Established over 30 years ago, Dependable Packaging is now the UK’s leading manufacturer of paper packaging goods, with items such as paper blankets, paper furniture covers and paper mattress bags all stocked on our site for customers to purchase.
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Self Pak offers all of the padlocks, security and related products that your operation could possibly require
Self Pak supplies high-quality padlocks to suit the needs and budgets of all of our customers. While, for example, we happily provide standard Self Pak branded padlocks in brass or reinforced steel, we can also customise your padlocks to incorporate your own organisation's logo.
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Better protect furniture and flooring with our help
In home removal or commercial environments where furniture must be moved from one location to another, the need for protection against damage is a pressing one.
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The ideal warehouse and handling equipment for your distribution requirements
Here at Simpson Packaging, we stock and supply a broad range of warehouse and handling equipment, including such items as pallet and sack trucks, knives and safety cutters and packing room furniture, to suit the needs of even the most demanding operations.
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Trust Simpson Packaging when it comes to all things removal boxes
The storage and transportation of important and often delicate goods can be a stressful and long-winded process. It is certainly a process that we are well-acquainted with here at Simpson Packaging, as shown by our impeccable track record of providing the removal boxes and related items that help to make even the most daunting removals operations a relative breeze.
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Stocking the right postal packaging for your needs
Here at Simpson Packaging, we offer a host of products and supplies to help you and your business to package and post your goods. From warehouse handling equipment to packaging paper, we’ve got it all, and we offer expert customer service along with the best quality products.
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Simpson Packaging stocks everything you need for expert strapping
While many companies overlook parts of the packaging process such as strapping, Simpson Packaging understands the importance and value of this element. Strapping your products is not only vital for transportation, as it also serves to increase the security or your product and load.
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Packaging that truly protects - it's all available from Simpson Packaging
One of the central purposes of any form of packaging is to protect whatever is contained within it - a purpose that we have never forgotten here at Simpson Packaging. It's why our protective packaging range continues to be one of the broadest that you will find anywhere, consisting of an extensive assortment of products that are ideally suited to 21st-century needs.
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Self Pak is your one-stop source of the finest accessories and padlocks
It may be just one of the many great brands here at Simpson Packaging, but our Self Pak range has achieved a great reputation within the self storage industry that sees it held in high regard. No other company offers such a comprehensive range of the highest quality, cost-effective retail ready packaging materials, padlocks and handling products, covering such categories as removal and storage kits, polythene furniture and mattress covers, storage cartons and much, much more.
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Simpson Packaging provides only the best quality, most robust cartons
The safe and secure transport of materials is crucial in any business - and much of that depends on having the right quality cartons. Simpson Packaging provides a comprehensive range of multi-purpose cartons for the storage and transportation of all manner of items.
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Make the most of the possibilities of tape, courtesy of Simpson Packaging
Simpson Packaging combines its far-reaching selection of adhesive tapes, specialist tapes and bespoke printed tapes with the keen pricing, swift delivery and responsive service that have been the company's hallmarks since its 1988 establishment.
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Whether you need stretch film or shrinkwrap, it'll be the same high standard at Simpson Packaging
Sometimes, it may be the most familiar packaging materials that serve your organisation best in the warehouse environment, and there can surely be few more familiar packaging materials than stretch film, pallet wrap and shrinkwrap, which are just some of the many polythene products that we are so proud to stock here at Simpson Packaging.
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From Ecopac covers to Coversafe protectors - it's our furniture protection range
Antiques, office chairs and tables, shop fittings or indeed something very different - whatever you need to protect during storage or transit as far as furniture and other such related items are concerned, there's a solution among the extensive selection of products here at Simpson Packaging. As a matter of fact, the more specific and demanding your requirements, the better, as our furniture protection range comprises many highly specialised offerings that you would struggle to find at such competitive prices anywhere else.
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There can be no more versatile packaging materials than our own paper products
How many packaging materials can you think of that have retained their relevance over such a long period of time as paper has? Indeed, it would be easy to think that paper packaging materials are also the simplest packaging materials, at least until you see the vast range of often highly specialised paper products that are currently stocked at both Simpson Packaging and our long-established sister company, Dependable Packaging.
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Need padlocks? Self Pak is the only supplier that you will ever require
The humble padlock is one of those security items that has long served individuals and organisations well in better protecting their possessions by restricting access, but it isn't always easy to find reliable high quality pre-packed padlocks that are also competitively priced. Thankfully, there is a brand right here at Simpson Packaging that is quite handy when it comes to padlocks - none other than the leader in retail ready self storage packaging supplies, Self Pak.
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Trust Simpson Packaging as your sole source of postal products and labelling
While many of the items that we sell here at Simpson Packaging have obviously been designed and made for very specific requirements, there can't be many more specialised packaging products in our range than our postal products and labelling. After all, when delivering items through the post, you will want them to be protected, but in a way that does not add unnecessary cost or hassle.
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Look no further than Self Pak for the industry's best padlocks
There is no shortage of reasons to shop with the specialists in retail ready packaging and handling products at Self Pak. The brand is one of our proudest group companies here at Simpson Packaging, and can be depended on for a vast range of items in these important categories, from removal/storage kits and storage cartons to display systems and packaging accessories.
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Polythene offers remarkable versatility - as our extensive range demonstrates
Of all packaging materials, there are surely none that can be applied to such an impressively broad range of uses as polythene. After all, if you needed any evidence of that, you would only need to look to our comprehensive selection of polythene products here at Simpson Packaging. Our polythene products are tailored to even the most specific and demanding of needs, also available at the most competitive prices and able to be distributed nationally from our modern warehousing facilities adjacent to the M1/M62 motorway network.
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You just can't beat our selection of Self Pak retail products, accessories and padlocks
If you have ever had reason to purchase retail ready packaging materials or handling products, then it's perfectly possible that in the past, you will have done business with Self Pak, which is just one of our many acclaimed brands here at Simpson Packaging. There are many reasons for Self Pak's steady rise to its present status as the number one supplier to the UK self storage industry, including - but by no means limited to - highly competitive pricing, the option of next day delivery and low cost minimum orders.
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Don't neglect your warehouse - instead, invest in our market-leading handling equipment
The warehouse is and will always be central to many a successful business's mass market operations, so it should go without saying that the best related equipment will bring your firm considerable added value. From packing room equipment, knives and safety cutters to first aid kits, trucks, trolleys and stands, there are so many items in the renowned Simpson Packaging range that will accelerate your warehouse activities and enable you to generate so much more revenue.
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For the complete range of postal products and labelling, choose us
The postal service is something that so many of us depend on for the safe, swift and reliable delivery of all manner of items, from books, CDs and DVDs to the most fragile and valuable of electronic devices, watches, jewellery and so many other everyday items that are available to order. What do you think helps to ensure that such goods reach you in immaculate condition? Yes, that's right, our very own postal and labelling products here at Simpson Packaging.
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Protective covers and so much more in our floor and furniture range
In this piece, we thought we would place the spotlight on our range of furniture and floor protection products, with a particular emphasis on our Coversafe and Ecopac protective covers - items that have long been greatly valued by the furniture, removals and self storage industries that make up our loyal customer base. Shop for such items here at Simpson Packaging, and you will benefit from the most competitive prices, in addition to a truly customer-focused service.
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Our storage cartons are never just storage cartons
You might think that moving boxes or storage cartons are there for the simple transportation and storage of goods, and that they therefore couldn't possibly be very complicated or sophisticated - at least until you clap your eyes on our complete range of cartons here at Simpson Packaging. We really do offer every type of storage carton that you could conceivably require, combined with our usual highly professional, friendly and responsive service.
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Strapping products like ours really are essential for various applications
For many companies who manufacture and distribute goods, strapping and the various strapping accessories are essential packaging materials – that are required for use to secure cartons or pallets. Here at Simpson Packaging, we certainly never forget how much our valued customers depend on the very best quality and broadest range of strapping products.
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